Blacks Beach

We hope you’re in the mood for a surfing treasure because we’ll be taking you to a beach known as “The Jewel of San Diego.” Getting its name from the crystal clear water and sensational scenery, the perfect surfing conditions of Blacks Beach attracts every shape and size of surfer. If you’re a rookie, do … More Blacks Beach

El Porto Beach

The colder weather is creeping up and if you live your Life Swell, that means its time to surf the strength of the ¬†winter waves. You’re gonna need some wax and a thick wetty¬†because we’re heading to a winter wonderland to get pitted at El Porto. This beach has the most consistent sets on the … More El Porto Beach

Brooks Street Beach

Welcome to the legendary beach where everyday is a surfing salsa party. The glassy waves and blue barrels have been creating a epic stage for stoked surfers to perform for years. The Laguna vibe perfectly compliments the action of the board waxin’ as surfers stoke up for epic surf sessions on the daily.You can catch … More Brooks Street Beach

Salt Creek Beach

Californians have been calling it the best surf spot since the 1960’s when it cost only 50 cents to park in a dirt lot.The price may have moved up, but chill out, you’re about to treat yourself. After a surf experience here, you’ll realize why this beach reigns among the rest. Offering some of the … More Salt Creek Beach

The Wedge

If you like to surf with more than just an adrenaline rush, you’re about to feel the wrath of Poseidon himself. This hotspot produces some of the biggest and most dangerous waves on the west coast. Wax your boards and strap up lads, we’re about to drop in. The Wedge is one of the gnarliest … More The Wedge