Blacks Beach

We hope you’re in the mood for a surfing treasure because we’ll be taking you to a beach known as “The Jewel of San Diego.” Getting its name from the crystal clear water and sensational scenery, the perfect surfing conditions of Blacks Beach attracts every shape and size of surfer.

If you’re a rookie, do us all a favor and join the other noobs towards Scrips Pier. These waves are labeled as high performance and advised for advanced surfers only. Known as one of the most powerful surf breaks in California, the wipeouts here  at Blacks are nasty because they hurt and hold you down for a long time.

blacks doe.jpg

Photo Credits to Lauren Traeger. 

 The underwater canyon known as Scripps Canyon in La Jolla, California  generates more size and speed to the waves which separates this beach from other San Diego spots. The waves are not overwhelming in size, but have excellent shape and direction. No matter what your board length is, you’ll catch some waves because they come in various sizes. Long boarders just have to wait for the long waves while shorties can ride as they please.

Video by Courney Hemerick.

Surfers often fall in love with the waves of Blacks Beach because the open water and peaceful scenery paint a perfect picture for a shredding session. The crowd is usually fair, but when it is pumping, you can almost guarantee a mob of mush burgers, or regulars.


Photo Credits to John Maher. 

Black’s Beach is the section of beach beneath the bluffs of  Torrey Pines on the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California. The location is at  2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, 92037. However, access to the beach is difficult and can only be reached by a steep climb or a long hike.


Photo Credits to Andy Shellack.

Surfing isn’t the only thing for entertainment around here. Blacks is a nude beach! We advise that you leave your family members at home because you may see more old men than mermaids. However, because it’s a secluded beach, lifeguards are constantly patrolling to ensure safety. If you think hanging’ ten is a good time, you should see how many people out here like to Hang Eleven!


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