El Porto Beach

The colder weather is creeping up and if you live your Life Swell, that means its time to surf the strength of the  winter waves. You’re gonna need some wax and a thick wetty because we’re heading to a winter wonderland to get pitted at El Porto.

This beach has the most consistent sets on the coast that are an absolute blast to ride. Typically noted as a summertime spot for rookies or intermediates, El Porto always generates a good time and a solid surf no matter what skill level. However, the winter water will wash out the noobs and attract the professionals. Once the winter rolls in, the increase in wind and tide coverage will transform the 5 foot faces or ‘baby waves’ into 15 foot monsters.

el porto 2.jpg

Photo Credits to Max Tomlinson.

The key to a surfer’s satisfaction at this beach is the relatively perfect shape of the wave. Most of the huge waves you see are difficult to surf because the lip comes crashing straight down on top of you. This is where surfing can be just plain painful. The ideal wave you’re looking for is when the swell breaks slightly left or right, allowing you to drop in and ride the wave side to side. Imagine a perfectly rideable wave just about every 10 seconds with a gorgeous face and no menace, welcome to El Porto.

Video by Tyler Braza.

The surfing culture here is laid-back and there’s no sight of those hot shots stealing waves. The wide spread distance of the wave’s landscape provide more than enough room for everyone. A short paddle out ensures a sustainable amount of energy for a full day of shredding. In addition, the El Porto ocean floor is must softer in comparison to other rocky shorelines and provides a sandy cushion for those devastating wipeouts. One of this surf’s finest attractions is its excellent surfing safety.


Photo Credits to Bill Webb.

El Porto beach is a community located in Manhattan Beach, California which is actually referred to as 2 beaches. Manhattan is the Southern beach front from 38th Street to 1st Street. El Porto is the Northern beach front from 38th Street up to 45th Street. Parking is in the El Porto parking lot entrance off of Vista Del Mar. You can also park across PCH, but be careful crossing the street mate!


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