Brooks Street Beach

Welcome to the legendary beach where everyday is a surfing salsa party. The glassy waves and blue barrels have been creating a epic stage for stoked surfers to perform for years.

The Laguna vibe perfectly compliments the action of the board waxin’ as surfers stoke up for epic surf sessions on the daily.You can catch kooks from age 6 all the way to 60 at this spot and these locals shred these 15 foot monsters with manner.


Photo Credits to Geoff Ragatz.

Locals say that there are critical times where pump of the swell can be massive and the conditions to get pitted are absolutely perfect. It’s important to go shred in the morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. or the late afternoon from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The take off can be late and if you don’t make it, you’re headed straight for rock bottom, literally! When Brooks Street is going off, it’s best to use a short board. On a calm day or a low tide, feel free to go out and cruise a long board!

shred bra 2 .jpg

Photo Credits to Bria Balliet. 

This beach is famous for the Brooks Street Classic; billed as the longest running surf competition in the world. It was started by the lifeguards back in 1955 and the popularity has increased since. The event is truly a community touchstone  and has an awesome feel to it that even offers cash prizes to the winners.

It is located on Brooks Street and Pacific Coast Highway in the southern section of Laguna Beach, California. The parking is usually packed on the weekends so the early mornings or weekdays are the way to go.

Brooks Street rookies, or “Brookies”, better be careful because this surf has a classic break, which means the waves break over a submerged reef. The rocky ocean floor can give you a painful pedicure so be sure to bring your floaties!


Photo Credits to Dan Henderson.

Whether you are going for the Brooks Street Classic cash prize or just an unforgettable time with Lady Blue, the beach is the surfing sensation that you have all been waiting for.


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