Salt Creek Beach

Californians have been calling it the best surf spot since the 1960’s when it cost only 50 cents to park in a dirt lot.The price may have moved up, but chill out, you’re about to treat yourself. After a surf experience here, you’ll realize why this beach reigns among the rest.

Offering some of the most saucy waves in the state,  Salt Creek is a surfing sensation for any skill level. This beach is located in a beautiful cove in the northern end of Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California.

Video by Anthony Froley. 

If the waves are pumping, you can almost guarantee the locals will be out there. This beach attracts some of the top shredders on the west coast so be sure to steer clear! Surfers divide the cove into four sections: The Point, Middles, Gravels and Heroins.


Photo Credits to Adam Wright, SoloSpot. 

If you’re surfing the Point, you better know what you’re doing! Located on the left side of the cove, the rocks that stabilize the sand seem to be a repellent to rookies and a symbol of pride and danger for Salt Creek studs. During a decent swell, the local shredders like to swarm this small sections because of the left-breaking ways that will make your mouth water.


Photo Credits to Shawn Parkin

The waves at Middles break on a the semi-permanent sandbar that runs down most of the cove. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers because of the sets are in a consistent southwest direction with decent size and perfect shape. When surfing Middles, you avoid the powerful force and just get to focus on dropping in on fast, steady wave. The direct center is about a 50 yard stretch that produces epic swell, especially for long boarders.


Photo Credits to Jeremiah Klein.

The Gravels is the most northern section of the Salt Creek surf area that is typically infested with body boarders. These waves break off to the right and have a bit more speed and bite to them. The locals have already seemed to designate that spot for new-comers because of the carefree vibes of the irresponsible surf stealers. If you’re wondering how it got the name, the crunches from walking on the ocean floor should be an indicator.


Photo Credits to Buddy Tantino.

This gorgeous getaway is only a short drive away for you Orange County residents. If you’re not into surfing or beaching, you can always check out the basketball and volleyball courts.  There is even a seven-acre grassy Bluff Park that offers tons of family activities such as fishing, bird watching and hiking. Leash up lads, we’ll see you there.


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