The Wedge

If you like to surf with more than just an adrenaline rush, you’re about to feel the wrath of Poseidon himself. This hotspot produces some of the biggest and most dangerous waves on the west coast. Wax your boards and strap up lads, we’re about to drop in.

The Wedge is one of the gnarliest surf spots in Southern California. Generating wedge shaped waves with 6-20 ft. faces, this area is perfect if you’re in the mood to get absolutely pitted.  The force from the humongous waves tend to violently launch surfers towards the shore leaving speechless beach-goers to admire rather than engage.


Photo Credits to Richard Dowdy.

Wedge waves are so big due to the effects from the rock jetty on the west side of the Newport Harbor entrance. A wave will approach the shore (mostly south) and another wave will reflect off the jetty (northeast) creating a massive double-wave. This pattern will repeat for several following sets in a very unpredictable and “unstable” order. No two waves are ever the same which can be menacing even for the hotshot shredder. Although this primarily happens with large, south swells, it can also occur in “normal” conditions.

Video by Mike Lucas. 

If you want to predict the best time to shred or just taking a peak at what exactly you’re getting into, you can checkout the Wedge Cam!

The Wedge is located at the east end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California.


Photo Credits to Adam Wright, SoloSpot. 

If the surf isn’t pumping, you can sit on the jetty and watch the boats come into the harbor or you can catch a glimpse of that beautiful, orange orb melt into the Pacific Ocean.


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